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5 Tips to Hire Best SEO Company in Florida

Google is everything now a days!

Finding anything was never been so easy, even it is becoming simpler day by day. Do you have business? Or you are an executive looking for best SEO Company in Florida.

If yes than this article is going to make your day.

If you are in an Ecommerce business OR you own online store than you must be very familiar with this term – SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You must have got cold emails from different parts of world explaining SEO and how much it is going to cost. Anyway, my point is you are looking for affordable search engine optimization services on internet and when you

Google [“Key phrase “+”Geographic location”] i.e “best Seo Company in Florida”, you found about 300+ results!



You started calling or emailing every single company from TOP of Google’s result. What did you found after all these efforts? Every single “Digital Marketing Expert” promising #1 ranking on top search engines.


You are confused! Whom should I hire? Whom should you trust? And How to select the best?


These are the questions hitting in your mind and stopping you to take any decision. As an expert in Search Engine Optimization I will like to first clear out that your hiring decision should not be based on few misconceptions.


List of few misconceptions which can affect your desired seo result

1) Top in search result list means they are best

2) Website looks great, so they must be good in SEO

3) They have lots of contents means they are expert

Top in search result list means they are best

Source – Moz

This is the biggest mistake if you are thinking like this.

Top in search result is not likely the best result. Suppose you are looking for SEO Company in Florida and you just entered the phrase “best Seo Company in Florida” in Google and started filtering from the result. This is not good idea!!

I am not saying you should not search for the keywords like this. My point here is when you shortlist, you need to find what value you see for your business and online store in result. Based on what value you are getting you can short list the companies you want to contact.

Rand Fishkin, from MOZ has written complete valuable post – “How to choose SEO Company” for every single entrepreneur and online store owner out there. He explained carefully the mistake which you can avoid when you look for best seo company in Florida or your location.

There are many websites which will be in your search result list definitely, claiming they have list of Top SEO Companies.

These type of websites actually do not have any metrics or criteria to shortlist the best.

These are niche directory websites who allow free registration and then approaches the registered companies to pay and get featured in list. Avoid! Avoid these type of websites.

Also, there are other websites which offers list of gigs and professionals. You need to avoid these type of websites too. If you own business or online store then you should be focusing 100% on finding the company who have in-house experts and can deliver result to you.

Professional and gigs available on this type of websites can just do quantity work for you at cheap rate.

search engine ranking

Ex – 50 Backlinks for $ 15, this is not what you want.


Again, my advice to you is find value and based on that contact the company.

Website looks great, so they must be good in SEO

Second misconception is,

If you visited website of any company which looks very neat and clean, also have attractive design can make you think that they must be good in SEO too.

Ok! Let me clear this out for you, nice looking website does not mean they are expert in SEO. It’s good to find company who have full stack service list and can even help you with other parts of website and applications.

But you need to focus on your ultimate goal on what you are looking for.

Having a nice website is common now! So you should be focusing on how they work and what strategy they have for you to deliver your desired result. If you found that everything they say is transparent and they are not hiding anything from you then you can hire that agency.

Also, it is good idea to hire a platform based SEO expert agency such as woocommerce seo or Shopify seo. This type of company can help you with your CMS and platform related issues quickly and at very affordable price.

They have lots of contents on their website, means they are expert


Wrong, this is totally wrong if you are thinking like this. Content is king and will remain king for lifetime. But it does not mean that you trust any website by just seeing lots of contents!

Content is directly proportional to SEO, many agencies are putting efforts in creating contents. They are spending lots and lots of money to have contents.
You should only hire agency when their content deliver value to your business. Great seo agencies do not have any secrets and offers lots of solutions for free to their users to keep them engaged and informed

Ok! You must be wondering, all the above points are misconceptions then what is the right criteria to select best seo company in Florida.

How to select best seo company in Florida?

1) Figure out your desired goal

2) Search Agency giving values for free

3) Ask questions

Figure out your desired goal

You first need to define your desired goal on what you are willing to achieve through SEO!
In my own agency at Elevera Technologies, I have seen and analyzed this issue. Clients do not have any goal!

Strange! They just want to start seo on their website thinking they will pay us and we will put their website on Google’s First page from tomorrow.

No! You are not going to get on first page overnight. It takes lots of time, energy and patience to achieve desired result in SEO.

You need to decide what your goal is and how quick you want to achieve that goal.


So, you must be thinking what should be my goal? Right?

Below you can see few examples of Good SEO goals

1) We want to boost our revenue and taking SEO as sales channel

2) We want to reach and engage specific group of customers

3) We want to promote our service/product to specific group of users

4) We are new ecommerce website and now we want sales through SEO

Remember, SEO takes time and you should be ready to wait for results. If your goal is to get quick result, for which you are willing to spend then SEO is not for you. You should be trying PPC. PPC can give you desired result in short period of time.

Search Agency giving values for free


Ok! So now you have decided on what your goal is going to be. Now, next part is search in Google for SEO companies.

Suppose you entered “Best SEO Company in Florida” and now you have top 10 results of best SEO company in Florida.

Point is whom you should select?

Here I am writing few points which will help you.

1) Avoid the websites which show you list of top seo agencies (already discussed about this on top)

2) Focus on title and description of the results, check what they are saying.

If the title at glance is delivering value to you means you need to check that website.

Ex- I entered this term in Google woocommerce theme from Scratch and found this title in result which clearly explains what I want.


3) Last important point is what they are offering for free! Yes, don’t get amazed! Every successful SEO agency has something for you for free.

Example- at Eleveratech.com we offer free SEO Audit report to our clients. Our report is 100% manual and it takes about 24 hours.

Many other agencies have automated this process. It looks like the image below:


Anyway, I do not prefer this type of tool but it’s good. Generally this type of tool reduces manual effort and used to attract leads.

search engine ranking

Basically you should be getting free SEO Audits and Consultancy from SEO agency.

Source – Moz


4) Don’t avoid overseas agencies! Yes, if the agency is not local to you but they market themselves in your country, state or city then what’s wrong in it?

For example – Eleveratech is one of the best seo company in Florida with delivery center and headquarter in India.

But our target customers are in USA and recently we started marketing in Florida. Internet has opened up opportunities for us and so for you.

If you are in misconception that local agency can be easily accessible and trusted then you need to start thinking digitally.

We have clients from New York, Jacksonville, Delray and Boca Raton, almost every part of USA. We stay in touch through Video Callings and emails. Our clients feel safe because of payments through PayPal.

Ask Questions

Now, you have selected agencies whom you want to contact based on the values.

Next step is to contact them, request for proposal and check there pricing structure.

You got reply!

First, many agencies will not reply you completely.
Some may take few hours and even a day but the companies who are really involved in SEO business will surely be in touch with you.

You can now fix meeting with them. If they are local companies call them to meet and present the audit report for your website.

If not local then fix online meeting and ask them to email you the Audit Report.

You can use tools like Skype and Hangout to do meeting with overseas agencies.

search engine ranking


I tried to cover almost everything.

Using these five tips you can find the best agency for your business/website.

Being a business owner you are investing money and no doubt hiring best SEO company in Florida will profitable for your business.

As an online business owner you know what your goal is and what is important for your business. But the thing is, the agency which you are hiring must fulfill your goal.

Now after reading this article you will not carry the misconceptions anymore. You are now cleared about how to select best seo company in Florida.

You must be looking to hire seo company in Florida! Checkout our affordable search engine optimization services which is 100% strategized for your business.


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