First Page Ranking and Organic Traffic Acquisition by Top SEO Agency

//First Page Ranking and Organic Traffic Acquisition by Top SEO Agency
website ranking by top SEO agency.


Search engine optimization is the process to increase the visibility of your website in search engines. Especially for newly launched and unique business concept which needed special attention to rank in Google. A top SEO agency provides search engine optimization services not only for more traffic on your website, but also focus to rank your website top on search engines result page for long time.

We as one of the best Web Design,Development and top SEO agency did the complete development of using custom PHP and MySQL. But a good website is not enough to take your business to its potential customers. So after development client reached us and ask to create a strategy so that his website can rank in Google. We as top SEO agency suggested our pre-built SEO package to him and customized the campaign. After 6 months of regular work and tweaking we accomplished the first page ranking for different keywords.


Our client is the online ESA (Emotional Support Animal Letter) letter provider by a certified psychologist in less than 5 minutes.


After development of fully functional custom online application, client asked us a solution to rank his website in Google and other search engines. Our specialized Digital Marketing team discussed and gathered all actual requirements. Client wanted to have organic traffic and rank in major search engines such as Google. Although Client used paid digital channels for quick sales generation and it worked well.

After getting good traffic and generating good sales through the paid digital channel, client showed interest in ranking in Google and other major search engine organically. Client was very well aware with the organic result and reputation fundamentals. also wanted to dominate the niche competitors through Search Engine Ranking.


Eleveratech as a top SEO agency helped Animal companions with a customized Search engine optimization solution to rank high in the Google and other search engine result list. We introduced our pre-built SEO packages to this client and explained why and how our strategy works. Also, we heard the requirements of this client very well and twisted our strategy to accomplish his requirement.

The customized strategy touches every stage of a client requirement— from ranking high to getting traffic. We as top SEO agency run this campaign for 6 months and during this period we asked client to be patient as SEO takes some time. He understood and finally with hard work we achieved our goal.


Client’s online reputation and visibility increased with high quality personalized contents. is on first page of Google and on other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Animalcompanions is receiving and enjoying the organic traffics. Appropriate sales funnel is created to convert the visitors into real clients.

Search engine visibility increased on google as we followed the google’s instructions for design and coding and using best SEO plugins during the woocommerce website development and also this site is ranking in Google Search for different key phrases we used.

In just 6 months, organic visibility, traffic and sales increased incredibly and accounts 40% of direct sales. Eleveratech’s approach with storytelling contents brought about 10+ keywords in ranking for our client.


“Digital Strategy implemented with Search Engine Optimization Technique will help your Keywords achieve top most position in ranking.”

“Do you think your digital strategy is enough to achieve your target? Are you giving SEO priority in digital marketing?”

It is not only about how best service you provide is about how much you are accessible to your client.


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