10 Search Engine Ranking Factors to Conquer Search Engines in 2018

//10 Search Engine Ranking Factors to Conquer Search Engines in 2018

Are you aware of the search engine ranking factors in 2018 which will help you to grow your business?

SEO requirements and factors are always changing and it’s very difficult to keep up with the latest developments and updates.

However, if you want to more people to visit your website, then you must know all the factors which are responsible for your site’s ranking.

A well-optimized site gets more leads and sales . If you neglect the SEO of your site then people will find difficult to even find your website.

In this guide, we will share important search engine ranking factors which will help you dominate the search engines in 2018.

1. User Experience
2. Authority of the URL
3. An Accessible URL
4. Mobile Page Speed
5. Mobile Friendliness
6. Well Optimized Content
7. Proper On-Page Optimization
8. Links
9. Social Signals
10. Authentic Business Information

1. User Experience

Google recently started using artificial intelligence (RankBrain ) to rank better for their web pages. It looks for various signals which directly affect your search engine ranking:

search engine ranking
Source – neilpatel.com

• Click Through Rate – It is the percentage of people who clicked on your link and visit your website after it shows up on the search results page.

• Bounce Rate – Bounce Rate is calculated by the number of people who went away from your site when it does not provide any value to them.

• Dwell Time – It is the metric which shows how long a visitor stayed on your site when they arrived through the search results.

If people come to your site and bounce away, then it has a very negative impact on Google. If more people do this then it will be difficult for you to rank your web page.

On the other hand, if more people click on their web page and stay for a long period of time then it tells Google that your content is relevant for the users.

2. Authority of the URL

More than 60% of the sites which rank in the top 10 search results are more than three years old.

According to the research by Ahrefs of more than 2 million pages very few pages with less than a year old achieve that ranking.

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Google also penalizes the exact match domains which generally contains spammy content.

Although, the exact-match domains which have relevant , valuable and high-quality content then it can see a boost in the search engine rankings.

Authority of a URL is also an important ranking factor which usually contains great content, off-page signals, and social engagement.

Moz has identified this to page authority and domain authority which are ranked from 0 to 100, which tells about how a particular page will rank in the search results.

3. An Accessible URL

The first important search engine ranking factor is to have the right kind of URL. Your URL should be such that Google bots can easily crawl.

In simple words, it means that Google needs to go through your website content to understand what the page is about.

To help Google and other search engines understand your website you need the following things:

• A robots.txt file to let the search engine know where it can look for your site’s information.

• A sitemap to list all the pages of your website. If your site is on WordPress then you can use the Yoast SEO plugin to setup your sitemap.

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• In addition, for promoting the better security of the websites Google introduced HTTPS as a ranking signal in the year 2014.

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The signals of security will not only protect your site from potential spammers but it also affects your visitor’s perception of your site.

4. Mobile Page Speed

Over the years, page speed has become one of the major search engine ranking factors. Google has always wanted to improve the user’s experience on the internet, and fast loading websites will definitely do that.

Google recently announced a search engine algorithm update which focuses on the mobile speed of the websites.

The update will start affecting sites from July 2018, and if your site does not load fast on mobile devices, then be ready to get penalized.

You can use the Google’s mobile testing tool to check your site’s speed on mobile devices.

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5. Mobile Friendliness

Mobile friendliness has also become one of the major search engine ranking factors. As of 2018, more people use the mobile phone instead of desktops to access the internet.

This is the major reason why the search engine ranking has changed in the recent times.

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Google’s mobile-first index is now a reality which means it is ranking high the websites which are mobile optimized rather than desktop optimized.

Hence, if your site is not optimized for mobile, then be ready to face the consequences.

It’s important to have a good user experience when some lands on your site through mobile. Even if your site has the best quality content it will not get visitors if the user experience is not up to the mark.

Things to notice include:
• If you have a responsive site or not for mobile devices.
• Whether your font is large for small mobile screens.
• If it is easy to tap menus or not.
• Notice that the content is hidden by ads or not.

6. Well Optimized Content

A great content is one of the Top 3 ranking factors for Google other than Rankbrain and Backlinks.

Google algorithm relies on keywords which are the phrases which people search on the various search engines for looking some information.

The words and phrases also describe the topic of your content and website.

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Google hates duplicate content and always welcomes fresh and original content. If Google found out that your content is the duplicate of someone else, then it will punish your content and website.

It’s also important to use LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords to your site and not go for keyword stuffing which is highly frowned by Google.

Search intent is also necessary while optimizing your content. You should understand what people are looking for when people type the keywords.

In a research , it was found that the content which is more than 2000 words tends to rank in the top 10 search results.

It also attracts more links and shares than the other articles.

7. Proper On-Page Optimization

Getting the On-page SEO is also very important to optimize the content for better search engine ranking.

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Here are some aspects of On-page SEO you should consider:
• Use your keyword in the page title so that Google can understand what type of content it is.
• Get the heading tags in a proper format. If you use the title in H1 tag, then use the sub-headings in H2 and H3 tags.
• Write a good Meta description which attracts your readers to click your page.
• In the image alt tags use the relevant keyword phrases so that it can rank better in the search engines.
• Use schema markup wherever necessary to inform Google about the type of content. This helps your content to appear in the rich card snippets rather than answer boxes.

8. Links

As you already know that internet is made up of links and it is the most crucial factor for search engine ranking.

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Source – neilpatel.com

Generally, there are three types of links:

• Inbound links
• Outbound links
• Internal links

Inbound links are used by Google to determine how relevant and authoritative the content is.

When an authoritative site links back your content, then it shows that your content is important and it should be ranked higher in the search engines.

Also, don’t try to overdo it and stay away from getting links from low-quality websites as it many your site overall.

If you create a unique and high-quality content more authoritative domains will definitely try to feature your link within their website.

9. Social Signals

Whenever people share your content on the web it gives an important signal to Google that your content is valuable.

In a study of more than 23 million shares by Cognitive SEO , it was found that there was definitely a very strong relationship between social shares and search engine ranking.

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Google has not given any official word in the social shares but there’s no denying fact that the pages which are ranking on the first page definitely have a lot of shares.

Hence you need that your website has a strong social media presence.

The more you content gets shared the more it helps in the search engine ranking.

10. Authentic Business Information

It is the most important factor if your business target local areas . The presence or absence of your real business information has a huge impact on the overall search engine ranking.

search engine ranking

Hence, you need to take care of these areas:

• NAP – Name, Address & Phone Number.
• Business listing on Google My Business and other search engines
• Reviews on the major listings sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and others.
• The right local search keywords.

The information about your business and website also helps in creating a positive image for your visitors.


SEO is always changing and the factors which work now might not work six months later. You need to constantly check the latest updates which are released by Google.
Even if you miss a small update it might affect your website and you might lag behind to your competitors.

Don’t worry we will always get you covered and therefore check our page regularly to know about all the latest trends in SEO.

Now, you would know all the necessary factors which are important for your website to get the best search engine ranking.

All you have to do is follow each of the factors properly and reap the benefits of the internet to grow your business successfully.

Do you know about any other search engine ranking factor? If yes, then do let us know in the comments section below.

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