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What is Local SEO Marketing & Why It Is Important In 2019?

Local SEO Marketing has grown significantly in recent years because on the increase in the usage of internet and smartphone. Most people still prefer shopping locally instead of online because they feel more comfortable in purchasing goods and services from their local area rather than trusting the virtual world. Due to this line of thinking, local SEO marketing is becoming popular among small business owners. Although Local SEO has a lot of similarities with organic SEO, it

10 Effective Actionable Strategies To Increase Online Sales Today

Increase online sales is the main objective of any businesses whether you run a small retail business or run an e-commerce giant like Amazon, etc. The online marketing world can be compared to a race track. Everything is moving at lightning speed and the things are always changing. You would think that if I rank my website for some random keywords and get some decent traffic, then no one can stop you to increase online sales as well as your business revenue. But