3 Ways to Increase Online Presence by Web Design and SEO

//3 Ways to Increase Online Presence by Web Design and SEO

As a consultant in a web design and development company in Boca Raton, web design has been one of my favorite techniques for increasing my online presence. Each time I meet my clients, one thing that I always get to hear:

How to increase my sales not only in my city but also in the neighboring cities?

“There is a score of techniques from which you could choose”, has been my favorite reply from ages. “Either you can herald about your products/services offline web design is another alternative”.

Rise of the Internet Era and Web Design

It was the year 1994 that saw the availability of internet for general public. In the last decade of the 20th century, the internet had evolved, into one for people to communicate via email, and browse websites. Businesses saw the internet as an opportunity to increase profit and visibility. Before the 1990s there were only a handful of corporations that did business overseas.

With the advent of the internet, it gave rise to outsourcing some of the jobs overseas and it was economically feasible for many small companies as well. The Yahoo search engine was started in 1994 but gradually Google took over the competition by 2000 and now has left Yahoo way beyond.

According to a survey, 87% of Americans are present on the internet. With time, more and more NY marketers are increasing their online presence since it is very easy and economical. Let me put it to you in this way.

Your sales are pretty good in your region. But in the recent market research, you get to know there is a need of similar services in Chicago, Detroit and as well as the neighboring cities. What should be your next move? As you are a CEO of a company located in Boston you can outsource your work to a web development company for web design in Boca Raton.

Designing a web page and showing yourself online has its own benefits. There was a time when having a website meant increased credibility. Your customers could easily access the services/products, read client testimonials and compare the prices within their own comfort zone. This results in a successful sale.

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CMS or Custom Web Development,Which is Better for Web Design and Development?

Broadly speaking websites can either be custom made or it can be designed on Word Press. For starters, who are unaware of WordPress, it is a template and plug-in based website development tool that makes work easier.

WordPress was introduced into the market in 2003 and ever since the introduction of WordPress it has become the most reliable and admirable open source technology. This has been achievable due to the flexibility and easy use of WordPress. The relative simplicity of WordPress over custom made websites make it all the more popular.

One big advantage of WordPress is, you don’t have to be a programmer to make minor changes in your website. There are easy graphics that helps you throughout to add a few texts or make small alterations in your website.

Custom web development is little more complex to design as you don’t have the liberty to use pre-designed plug-ins as in the case of WordPress. This could also be seen as an advantage. Even though programming and design complexity increase it enables the end user to put his own features on the website.

Another advantage, of a website, is it is almost free when compared with other forms of advertisements. However, there are a series of steps that needs to be taken before making an online presence:

After getting your website designed the next thing is to get a domain name for your company. This includes buying a domain name for your business in an auction. Companies like Go Daddy, Big Rock are some to name from where you can get your domain name. Once you are settled with your domain name you have to host the web pages on the server.

Unless you are very proficient in PHP, CSS, and JavaScript and related programming languages creating a website for your company is not an easy job. However, there is good news if the above said is a barrier for your online presence. Eleveratech is a trusted name in Web Design Boca Raton. Our team of experts is dedicated to making your business successful not only in your city but all over the USA.

Apart from being the best web design and development company in Boca Raton, we offer our services to help you to rank top in the search engine.

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