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Getting organic traffic is now a days is one of the toughest task to accomplish. We understand that you need traffic and you consider the organic traffic to be best. So, we thought to make SEO easy for you. We packaged our SEO service and now you can select from one of them based on your requirements and budget. Our packages are designed with predefined goal to accomplish.

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    Why you should adopt SEO?

    SEO is the only way to get organic traffics, leads and build trust among users.

    SEO can be defined as “Custom strategy or method to increase organic visitors through ranking high for particular keywords in search engines”. You have web presence but at the same time you need traffic and traffic can be achieved when your website or pages will rank in search engines. Ultimate goal in SEO is to rank in search engines.

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    What We Do

    We created packaged SEO service

    We are SEO experts with years of experience and vast knowledge and proven track record. We created packaged SEO service which can help you achieve your target easily and also it is affordable. We combined followings into the package.

    Website’s Health Checkup

    Our #1 strategy, your website should be in good health and for that we have manual checklist to confirm that your website is as per the guidelines of Google.

    Keyword Research / Strategy

    Keyword/Key phrases play vital role in ranking. We focus on researching and finding the best suitable keywords for your business.

    On-Page Strategy

    We never ignore this step. Our strategy is to manually check each and every point for On Page SEO work. We follow the guidelines of Google for On Page SEO.

    Link Building

    Link building is very important in SEO and it will continue to play vital role. We build high quality do follow links and also we focus on re-submission.

    Content Creation / Promotion

    content will remain tycoon and every SEO expert will have stoop. We focus on creating high quality contents and for that we have technical writers and proof readers.

    Analytical / Activity Reporting

    Reporting is important in SEO to measure the success of work being done. We use world class Analytical and webmaster tools.

    Why We for SEO?

    We are professionals with years of experience with real results to prove our dexterity in SEO. We are engaged in research and creating methods to rank your business top on search engines. We consecutively keep our selves involved to come up with great strategies for SEO. By joining hands with us you will see 100% real and guaranteed result.

    Our Pricing

    Affordable Search Engine Services Packages


    $ 295/mo

    Startups/Business with low budget

    25 Key phrases in total

    • Target Audience Strategy
    • Content Strategy
    • On Page Optimization
    • Link Building
    • Email Support
    • Traffic Report

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    $ 495/mo

    Startups/Business with budget

    50 Key phrases in total

    • All features in essential plan +
    • Social Promotion Strategy
    • Product/Service Promotion Strategy
    • Email Outreach Strategy
    • Advance Link building
    • Email and Phone Support
    • Link Building Report

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    $ 795/mo

    with good budget

    100 Key phrases in total

    • All features in Professional plan +
    • Readability Fix
    • Keyword stemming – LSI
    • Email Outreach
    • LinkedIn Page Setup
    • Social Engagement

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    Our Client’s

    We are team of experts busy crafting online experience for our clients


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    Is there any setup fees and contracts?

    We do not charge any setup fees. Just fill up the above form for detail discussion about your business and solution which will help you grow. We do not have any contracts to restrict you, we have proven strategy and experience to help you grow.

    How much monthly I will be spending?

    We provide affordable search engine optimization services. Above you can see our basic pricing structure for small and medium businesses. If you are large business and want customized solution, simply get in touch through the form above and we will reach you to discuss more in detail.

    What is your billing cycle?

    We have very simple billing process. Select any plan which suits your business and we will send you the invoice directly to your email through PayPal. Every month we will send you invoice through PayPal as per the plan you select.

    Do you agree a strategy plan before launching it?

    All our SEO plans are designed using proven SEO strategy. But if you want special strategy to be used on your project, we are ready. We will discuss about your goal using SEO and will create strategy to achieve.

    How many SEO plans I can order at once?

    As we provide affordable search engine optimization services, there is no restriction for having multiple SEO plans. Best practice which we recommend you is to have one plan for each project you have. Our plans are designed for each level of businesses. Talk to our experts and discuss everything if you still have any question.

    Is it necessary to have Blog for SEO?

    Blogs are back in fashion again. It is irrelevant to ask if blogs are necessary – content is King and publishing quality and long contents which can deliver value or educate your end customer is important.