The 5 Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform for Health & Beauty Store

The 5 Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform for Health & Beauty Store

According to Statista (Data and market research company), the health and beauty eCommerce business has seen tremendous growth in the United States. It has generated 22.54 billion U.S Dollars in revenue in 2019.

Wow! you are part of a billion-dollar industry.

As the market grows, it also becomes competitive. You may have innovative and quality products to beat the competition and thrive.

But when it comes to online sales the customer’s experience in your store also plays a vital role. Not only that, to manage orders, make sales, and market effectively online, you need a trusted eCommerce platform.

The Ecommerce platform which is highly scalable and can handle your increasing business demand is what you need.

Your business demand can be to integrate CRM or any other business applications such as order management systems to your eCommerce platform. Or you may want to improve the checkout process for your buyers.

To scale up your eCommerce business you need the best eCommerce platform which is featured rich. It should help you run marketing campaigns, create a multi-vendor marketplace and run multi-store based on language and country.

Also, it should be highly customizable and you should have complete flexibility to develop and integrate your features using custom code or through available extensions.

How to select the best enterprise ecommerce platform for your health & beauty ecommerce business

To select the best enterprise-level ecommerce platform which is right for your business, you need to evaluate how and why its capabilities align with your business goal.

As I pointed above about your business need, it may be to improve the buying process or implement some new marketing strategy. It all comes under your business goals.

In ecommerce business, nothing is permanent and you always be experimenting with what works and whatnot.

For example, now you need a new look and feel for your store which goes with your branding. That means, completely revamp, and for that, you will have to go for custom UI/UX design.

To implement custom UI/UX design you need complete access to the coding and theming architecture of your platform.

It should not be limited to available themes and architecture which cannot be scaled beyond limitations. Again, your platform should be completely scalable.

Here are a few main features based on which you can determine the best enterprise ecommerce platform.

  • Large product catalog handling capability
  • Integrations and extensions capabilities
  • The community of developers/experts
  • Performance and optimization
  • Business operations and management capabilities
  • Core commerce capabilities for faster launch

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Ok, now let me give you the list of the 5 best enterprise ecommerce platforms.

Let’s get started.

  1. Magento Commerce
  2. Shopify Plus
  3. Bigcommerce Enterprise
  4. Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  5. Sap Hybris

Magento Commerce

Magneto commerce is on top of my list of enterprise-level ecommerce platforms.


First, it is available in 2 versions, Community edition and enterprise version.

Magento is an open source platform and is available to use for free through its community edition. Based on your business need you can select which edition to use.

Enterprise Edition comes with a cloud hosting solution and many other features with premium support. Recently acquired by Adobe, Magento has improved a lot. It is one of the most powerful and dedicated ecommerce platforms available.

Secondly, it is highly scalable. Your development team will be having complete flexibility to integrate or extend the platform to full fill your business requirements.

Magento also has its marketplace which provides you with unlimited extensions and premium themes which helps in faster implementations and launch of new features.

Not only that, but it also has an extremely large community of developers and experts

Many third-party service providers such as payment solutions and courier services provide free extensions for ease of business.

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Here are the core capabilities of Magento Commerce

  • Omni Channel Commerce
  • B2B, B2C, and Wholesale ecommerce
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Progress Web App
  • International ecommerce
  • Order Management
  • Business Intelligence

There are many other features also which you will like to know so that you can have a clear idea about Magento’s capabilities. Check out this detailed feature list by Magento.

Shopify Plus

Everyone knows Shopify!

Started to serve small ecommerce business owners, it gained incredible traction in the last few years. See the below statistics from, which shows the growth of Shopify.

After gaining popularity Shopify launched another platform focused to serve enterprise-level clients. They claim that Shopify Plus is being used by large enterprise-level retailers with incredible sales growth.

Just like Shopify, Shopify Plus is also a cloud hosted solution. It is not open source platform and its proprietary architecture makes it less scalable.

Although, Shopify has an open source template language called LIQUID. This language is being used to develop Shopify themes since 2006.

I will say, Shopify Plus is the aggressive competitor of Magento and their all marketing campaigns aim to acquire Magento platform users.

Just like Magento, Shopify Plus also has its marketplace for extensions called Shopify Apps. Also, Shopify Plus provides great account support to its customers.

Here are the few core capabilities of Shopify Plus

  • Headless commerce
  • B2b and wholesale ecommerce
  • International and multi-channel ecommerce
  • Integrated flash sale campaign
  • Ecommerce automation
  • Retail and POS

Shopify Plus comes with less development cost with easy to launch online store features. Major investment which I think will be on custom theme development and Shopify App development if needed for integration.

Also, Headless commerce makes it very easy for you to use Shopify Plus as your ecommerce management framework.

Bigcommerce Enterprise

Bigcommerce launched its enterprise platform to serve high-end online retailers with a large volume in sales.

Just like Shopify Plus, Bigcommerce Enterprise is also a cloud hosted platform. It’s all features that are very similar to what you get on Shopify Plus.

User friendly UI and ease of use is the main reason for Health and Beauty online retailers to use this platform.

The Bigcommerce platform also has its marketplace for Apps and Themes. It comes with all core ecommerce features built-in. Removing the complexity of launching and running an ecommerce platform is the main selling point of Bigcommerce.

Below, you can see the usage statistic of Bigcommerce by

Here are the few core capabilities of Bigcommerce Enterprise

  • Headless commerce
  • B2b and wholesale ecommerce
  • International and multi-channel ecommerce
  • Easy Integrations and management

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, formerly known as Demandware is a cloud hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.

It offers the best in class ecommerce features to deliver a customer experience.

Similar to Magento’s Order Management System, Salesforce Commerce Cloud also has this feature to improve your organization’s operational efficiency. One other important feature is AI for Commerce.

Yes, AI for commerce is helping your online store users by suggesting products and making purchase decisions.

Here is a detailed case study on the use of AI, used for product recommendations.

Below you can see the detailed usage statistic of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

To make your team understand the complexities of usages and implementation of this ecommerce platform I will advise you to check this online webinar on YouTube. It has all the details covering development, complexities, usages, and deployment explained.

You can get a clearer picture of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Also, here are the core capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • Headless commerce
  • B2b and B2C ecommerce
  • International ecommerce
  • Pre-Integrations and Order Management
  • AI for Commerce
  • Open Architecture for ease of development

SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris is one of the expensive ecommerce platforms available in the market. Together with SAP Commerce Cloud, it is extremely powerful.

It comes with all the core ecommerce features including CRM integrated to power your business with exceptional customer experience.

You need proper planning, project management, and a team of developers to handle the design, development, and maintenance of this platform.

SAP Hybris can be very expensive than other mentioned platforms on the list. Also, check the usage statistic of Hybris by

SAP Hybris comes with all the core ecommerce features like all other platforms. Its focus part is to provide a better customer experience which makes it different from others.

You can check out all the core capabilities of the platform using this link.


I know it may be confusing and overwhelming to do so much research just to select the best enterprise ecommerce platform. You care about your business and want to scale up your sales, also you want to provide a great customer experience.

To select the best option, I will advise you to use the above points which I explained in the introduction part of this article.

Which enterprise ecommerce platform you are using for your online store? What is your feedback on the list above?

Let me know in the comments.

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