Organic SEO Agency - How to Improve Ranking in 2019 (Best Practices)

Organic SEO Agency – How to Improve Ranking in 2019 (Best Practices)

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Nowadays search engine optimization is the key for success.

You know well what Search Engine Optimization is, also you have gone through many articles by authors claiming that they are the part of the industry’s best Organic SEO Agency.

I know you have done too much research about SEO, spent your quality time browsing and learning SEO techniques. Some of you have spent thousands of Dollars to get the desired results.

My question to you is “Are you getting the desired result?”

No? Ok! So here are a few factors which may be responsible:

Factor #1: Old SEO techniques and strategies.

Your strategies as an Organic SEO Agency should be updated and must follow the rules of top search engines such as Google.

Google is the daddy of search engines and even Google released complete documentation for “On Page” SEO techniques which you should follow.


You should not miss any basic steps and jump to advance techniques.

Need to put your focus on minor details and on basics of On Page SEO. You can download the PDF by Google which is totally free and easy to understand.

Factor #2: Your website is slow

Google have already warned Organic SEO agency, consultants and business owners in 2010 that they are going to consider website speed in organic results.

Do you know why Google took this step?

Google does not want its customers to have a bad user experience.

Check your website’s speed now! There are many free tools available to check your web page speed. Pingdom tool is one of the best tool available for free on the internet.

This tool is so awesome, using which you can easily know the factors responsible for your slow website speed. Now you know the issues and factors, so start fixing them one by one.

Factor #3: You are avoiding Social networks


Social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Digg all are high authority sites which have their own traffic other than Google.

These sites are already popular and have established their popularity among users. More social share for your contents and links means more and more traffic.

If you start promoting quality contents through your social channel it will bring more visitors.

search engine ranking

Google will think that your website is an authority site and will give you ranking.

Few simple ways to gain more social shares and visits:-

  1. Create social share buttons on the blog and article pages of your website.
  2. Create a Business page, groups and start asking influencers to share your contents.
  3. Ask your readers to share your contents and leave a comment on your posts.
  4. Offer free eBooks and bring social traffic to your landing page using FB and Twitter ads.
  5. Promote your FB and Twitter pages using paid ads to gain likes and shares
Fixing the above 3 factors can bring great results for you. If you have any questions and need my help, contact me directly

Once you fix the issues according to the above-explained factors, it’s time to improve your SEO practices so that your ranking will improve.

Here, I am going to list 6 points of must improvements which you should do in your SEO practice.

You already know that 90% of people are more likely to visit the first page results list. You will find millions of search results for anything you have searched in Google or on another search engine.

No matter which kind of website you have whether it is e-commerce, web application, SAAS or anything else all you need is exposure. Which is only possible when you rank on the first page of search engines.

Point #1: Change your On Page SEO techniques


You are very familiar with this word “On Page SEO”, but do you really understand how on page SEO works?

When I was explaining the Factor #1 above, I showed you the guide by Google which you can use to understand the basics.

With basics, the most important thing in SEO you need to care about is USER EXPERIENCE. Do you need to ask yourself “what is your ultimate goal which you want to achieve using Search engine optimization”?

Your answer will be 100% this – (Google ranking and Organic Traffic).

So why you are ignoring Google’s fundamentals.

IF Google says – “We care about our user’s experience” then it means they will not give your website value and ranking till well developed, coded and optimized for different devices such as mobile and tablets.

Work on your user’s experience.

Here are some tips using which you can create the best user experience for your visitors:

  • Value First Marketing Last
    search engine ranking
    Many Top Organic SEO Agency and Consultants have seen that Google penalized websites having lots of internet marketing above the fold. Try to deliver value more frequently when the user visits your web page.You can use marketing banners and other kinds of stuff appear when the user starts scrolling to read more.
  • Make your website responsive you may have gone through this advice much time before. But, my point is – Are you sure your website is well optimized?Responsiveness is future and you should not ignore it. If you or your team has already worked on this issue, then it’s time to check how effective it is.

    There are few effective tools which can help you test your websites for a different device.

    “Do you think your digital strategy is enough to achieve your target? Are you giving SEO priority in digital marketing?”

    It is not only about how best service you provide is about how much you are accessible to your client.

Point #2: Select the right keywords and key phrases

This is the most important part of On-Page SEO and Keyword research phase.

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, I have got opportunities to analyze some of the great potential business websites. Every time when I start a discussion with the team they start with saying – “We are not getting clicks and even our rankings are dropping!”

Every time I found the same mistake – Wrong keyword and key phrase targeting.

Suppose you have “Car Rental Business” So, your target keywords should be these.

Not Keywords like these.


My point here is right keyword selection will attract the right customers who will be really interested in your business and contents.

This will increase your click-through rate and ranking.

Also, it will send signals to Google that these contents published are being liked by visitors so rank it high in results. Isn’t it great?

Point #3: Create in-depth content which can deliver value to your users

Recent research shows 60% of contents available on the internet is below the guidelines of Google and other search engines.

Why do you need to write in-depth contents? In-depth contents make your visitors feel that the information being provided on your website is valuable.

It’s very simple logic, if your content solves the problem of your target users/visitors or provide valuable information then it will hold them on your website for long which can reduce your bounce rate.

Bounce rate is a big factor in Organic SEO Agency, but do you think your content should be only valuable to reduce your bounce rate! Nothing more?
Carl Friesen wrote a very perfect article in which he clearly explains why and how you should write your content.

Point #4: Change your link building strategy


Stop traditional link building techniques and build a new strategy for your business.


Because your competitors are old and they are doing the same thing from years.

You need to think out of the box. Here I am writing a few strategies using which you can gain backlinks quickly. Also, it will help you beat your competitors quickly.

Strategy #1: Find authority websites and reach out to them
Google the keyword for which you want to rank your webpage.

Find out the links of authority websites which are already providing backlinks to websites in your industry.

Create a spreadsheet with links and contact details of the website.

Shoot an email to them and ask for backlinks.

Remember, it’s hard to get links by just asking directly. Link building is a strategy and you need to have a full proof plan.

Neil Patel, clearly explains how you can get 50 backlinks in just 20 mins.

In this article, he explained that if you want to build backlinks from an authority site, then you will have to try and have patience.

Strategy #2: Create in-depth articles, case studies and how to contents.
Content can play a major role and can uplift your backlinking strategy. Start creating How to, case studies and in-depth valuable contents.

Find out some great bloggers and influencers in your industry and start asking them to promote or talk about your articles.

You must be thinking of why somebody will promote your link! Right? If your contents are valuable and related to the bloggers or influencers vertical. She/he will definitely consider your requests.

Remember content is king and without good content, you cannot get good backlinks.

Point #5: Monitor your results and do testing’s

Google Analytics is the tools you need to use! Yes, you may have heard or must be using it as an Organic SEO agency or a business owner. Its free and effective way with lots of features to measure your SEO results.

Start measuring the results and improve your strategy from time to time. Read what others doing in your industry and create valuable contents.


It’s time to get your website on the top of the search engine result list. Whether you are newly launched business or you want to get over your competitor.

Organic traffic is always better than paid because it always carries potential customers.

The perfect strategy and focused hard work will lead your business to the summit. The above was the following technique if these will be applied perfectly to any website then it’s a guarantee that it will rank.

Although it is very important to twist the strategy according to the competition in the market and users/client’s requirement.

“Business owner who hired Organic SEO Agency should check out the above strategies with their Agency”

“Let me know your strategies and thoughts on the latest SEO strategies in comments”

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