Why E-commerce SEO is Important for Your Online Store

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Setting up an e-commerce SEO optimized store is the first step in making your first sale in the online world.

There are many strategies available which will help you to get traffic to your website. E-commerce SEO is the first best and long-term strategy to get consistent traffic as well as sales.

According to the statistic, 93% of the online activity begins with a search.

If you avoid SEO in your e-commerce business strategy, then you might stay behind from your competitors. This can prove very lethal in the e-commerce world.

SEO has reached such level of familiarity that even a non-tech guy can also explain the importance of keyword and its ranking on various search engine.

The internet and digital technology have evolved so far. Hence, it is important to follow the best e-commerce SEO practices to be able to access its full potential.

Here are the reasons on why should start using SEO as your primary strategy for your e-commerce store:

  1. E-commerce SEO creates traffic which creates more sales.
  2. It can reduce your overload.
  3. SEO is a common industry standard.
  4. E-commerce SEO optimization improves the shopping experience.
1. E-commerce SEO creates traffic which creates more sales

e-commerce seo

On a very fundamental level, we can say that the more targeted traffic visits your website, the more the chances are that they will convert to paying customers.

Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly stated in the year 2016 that conversion rates of the traffic through SEO was more than 2.50%.

This means, out of the 100 people who visit your website, at least 2 or 3 people move towards the sale.

Hence, a properly optimized website will definitely attract more visitors to its site as compared to a non-optimized website.

As compared to the other paid strategies, SEO provides more long-term traffic and sales. You don’t have to worry about that the traffic your site will decrease as soon as the campaign ends.

A positive experience lends to have more customer interaction. Therefore, long-term SEO strategy focuses on user interaction and experience after the initial transaction.

Due to the increased traffic and sales, merchants also now focus more on a long-term SEO strategy rather than spending money the various paid advertisements.

2. SEO can reduce your overload

It is a common belief that businesses that use the traditional brick and mortar sales platform save a lot of money.

According to the statistic by WebStragies Inc. small and large businesses which use an e-commerce platform of business spend 12% of the total revenue in advertising.

The money is spent on advertising or purchasing some targeted ad space on some popular website. Businesses spend an astonishing amount of money to various programs to increase the Return on investment.

You should note that these are a smart investment in a highly competitive marketplace which has not been used to its full potential.

search engine ranking

Hence, search engine optimization is a powerful tool to increase organic search engine visibility and traffic.

The users trust more if a website is ranking organically rather than by spending money on advertising channels.

For example, if you have a new website then you can gather huge traffic by spending money on your advertising campaigns but once your campaign ends, then your traffic drifts back to the same.

Hence, without SEO you cannot expect sustainable improvements in your organic traffic.

According to the statistic by Search Engine Journal of all the links clicked on the internet 70% of them are found in the organic search.

Although SEO requires some time to show it’s the result but once you are able to rank your website in the search engines, then you would easily boost your sales and traffic.

3. SEO is the common industry standard

e-commerce seo

Over the past few years, there has been a common debate over the effectiveness of SEO. Websites which have forgone optimization outranks the website which is not optimized.

They will rank lower in the search engines which results in a lower customer reach and sales.

Once SEO reached the industry level standard, it has become important for every business of all interest and sizes to follow its guidelines.

75% of the web users actually never visit the second page of the search engine results.

It is very difficult for e-commerce platforms to reach this ranking on Google themselves. Therefore, the absence of SEO could result in the absence of visibility.

As we discuss SEO as the common industry standard, it is also important to increase the user experience for the users who find a way to your website through the search result.

Likewise, websites which take a long time to load tends to drop in search results as compared to those which load faster.

Both the loading speed and mobile friendly parameter are an important metric to rank your e-commerce store in the search engines.

4. E-commerce SEO optimization improves the shopping experience

e-commerce seo

As we mentioned in the previous topic, mobile-friendly browsing and load time is an important metric.

It is also important to appeal the automated bots which analyze and rank your website as much as the customers who visit your online shop.

As Google and other search engines now emphasis on the user experience and comfort of the online audience.

Hence, the e-commerce stores which provides high-quality shopping experience will rank higher than its peers.

However, SEO is a core tool to create and maintain a high-quality shopping experience online.

Search Engine Optimization will leave you a better and high professional website which was not available before than optimization process.


Search Engine Optimization is an important factor if you want to grow the online sales of your e-commerce store.

It is important to approach e-commerce SEO as any form of traditional advertising.

You need to identify the parameters which contribute the search engine ranking and hence create an effective long-term SEO strategy.

Analyze both technical details of the website and overall user experience in order to rank higher in the organic rankings.

As a final thought, it is important to mention that e-commerce-SEO is the best and affordable method to increase your e-commerce sales as compared to the other advertising schemes which exist today.

Do you follow any search engine optimization strategy for your e-commerce store? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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