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Increase online sales is the main objective of any businesses whether you run a small retail business or run an e-commerce giant like Amazon, etc.

The online marketing world can be compared to a race track. Everything is moving at lightning speed and the things are always changing.

You would think that if I rank my website for some random keywords and get some decent traffic, then no one can stop you to increase online sales as well as your business revenue.

But my friend you might be wrong here.

Increasing sales through various online channels look a lot easier than it actually is.

There are many factors which might be hampering your online business.

Some of the problems faced by online business owners while selling a product or service online are listed below:

  1. Reaching your target customers
  2. Getting targeted traffic
  3. Capturing quality leads
  4. The unattractive website user interface
  5. Page load time

1. Reaching your target customers

increase online sales

Source – https://creativemarket.com

Online shopping has changed a lot in recent years. People search on various websites for their product and not just on Google.

They also ask for recommendations and review on various social platforms.

Most business owners find difficulty in reaching their target customers.

The number of people buying products online has increased significantly.

This had made the business owner’s task more difficult on reaching their potential customers.

You must try to figure out where your potential customers hang out on the internet and use your marketing strategies accordingly.

2. Getting targeted traffic

increase online sales

The Internet has become a crowded place and if you have an online business then you would know what I am talking about.

In today’s internet world getting traffic is not as difficult as it used to be but getting the targeted traffic from the junk is a hectic job.

You might be irritated when you get tons of visitors on your website but none of them converts into clients or customers.

While marketing your business online try to filter out the unwanted traffic which might be affecting the credibility of your business.

3. Capturing quality leads

increase online sales

Source – LinkedIn

Most of the online retailers and business owners spend millions of dollars in getting the right traffic to their website.

The conversion rates range from 1% to 3%, therefore, a lot of effort is required in getting quality leads.

Therefore getting subscriber list is very important to create quality leads which might convert into your customers.

search engine ranking

4. The unattractive website user interface

The quote “Don’t judge the book by its cover”does not work in the online businesses.

If your online store or website do not appeal to your customers they might leave the website without making any purchase.

You should try to keep your website design clean and compact and keep the layout appropriate to the types of products you are selling.

increase online sales

For example – Look at the above website. The usage of excessive red color gives the website a bad design.

5. Page load time

Almost everyone hates when a page loads for too long and this is one of the major problems of a website.

According to the survey of Akamai, most internet users like a website when it loads under 2 seconds.

If it takes 3 seconds then most users bounce off the website.

increase online sales

Source – https://rubygarage.org

Almost 79% of the user who left the website because of the loading speed does not return back to make any kind of purchase.

In addition, 64% of the users are more likely to buy from another online store.

The internet is not in its infancy anymore. It has evolved over the years and has become an integral part of our lives.

People have tested and tried what works on the internet for decades.

There are various kinds of framework available which you can choose from to increase your online sales.

We have listed the key elements which will help you to increase online sales and eventually grow your business:

  1. Buyer Personas
  2. Relevancy and Motivation
  3. Design and User Interface
  4. Understand the buying process
  5. Reduce Friction
  6. Reduce Friction
  7. Engagement
  8. Urgency
  9. Usability and Complicated Site Navigation
  10. Limited Payment Options and Security

Let’s discuss each point in detail which will help you to increase online sales for your business:

1. Buyer Personas:

People will only buy products or services from you if they feel that the offer is right for them.

increase online sales

Let’s take an example – If you want to buy running shoes, then would you buy running shoes that are suitable for everybody or the one that is made according to your gender, weight, age group, and type.

Of course, you would buy the shoes which are made especially for you.

Similarly, in an online business, your goal should be to identify your customer needs, requirements and wants.
You should optimize your site according to the buyer personas.

People mostly care about them and the answers to their problems and therefore buyer personas are a critical factor in the marketing success of any business.

2. Relevancy and Motivation

increase online sales

Source – https://i2.wp.com

This can be shortly summed in two points:

  • Target the right people.
  • Communicate the right message.

The biggest marketer in the world can also not sell products to someone who does not need or want a particular product.

search engine ranking

For example – If you have a business of dog food and you convinced me to take a look at your website, then also I’ll not buy anything as I don’t have a dog. This is because what you offer is not relevant to me.

If you want to get high conversions then you should stop driving irrelevant traffic to your site.

The only thing you need to increase online sales is to get genuine people to your site who is actually interested in your offer.

3. Design and User Interface

A website’s design also plays an important role to increase online sales and revenue of any business.

The biggest companies in the world like Nike, BMW, Ford, etc use millions of dollars in just its design. They know that a great design sells better.

If you have made your site yourself using cheesy stock photographs, then you might think you have done a good job.
But in reality, the users who visit your site may have a different opinion.

You should get a professional designer to help you in designing your site because quality craftsmanship comes with a price.

Visual hierarchy is also an important factor which you should take a look at.

Look at the screenshot below:

increase online sales

Now notice the movement of your eyes. What was the first, second and the last thing you noticed?

Probably the first two were the logo and the image followed by the explanatory paragraph and call to action (START PROJECT).

It’s not a coincidence. The page is designed in such a way that you would see those things in the same order.

4. Value Propositions

Value Proposition is one of the main reason why your potential customer should buy the product or service from you and not from your competitor.

increase online sales

A value proposition states that:

  • How your product solves the problems of your costumer’s or improves their situation.
  • What benefits your customer would get if they purchase your product.
  • Why they should from you and not from your competition.

You should clearly mention the value proposition in your main landing pages or else you might lose your sales and revenue.

5. Understand the buying process

It’s important for every business owner to understand the buying process online.

Buying process involves understanding how people work and buy products online.

increase online sales

Source – http://brucemctague.com

There are three types of customers which you may get online:

  • People who have a problem or in need but they don’t know much about it.
  • The other one who research different options and prefer comparing before shopping.
  • Lastly, the people who have made the decision and wants to buy the product as soon as possible.

The first types of customers are very difficult to sell anything because they don’t have much idea about it.

The second group of people forms the majority in any type of business. For these types of people, you have a strong value proposition.

You should prove that how you are better or different from your competitors and what extra benefits you would provide to them than your competitors.

If you are selling mass-market products, then you need to clearly state the added value of your higher price.

The people who like to research before buying a product always look for information which would help to decide.

You need to provide as much positive information as you can which will help them to purchase your product.

The third types of people are who have already done their research and decided to buy the product.

You should use clearly visible call action buttons which would make the purchasing process much easier.

6. Reduce Friction

increase online sales

Source – https://thenextweb.com

It’s almost impossible to reduce friction in a business transaction but you can try to minimize it.

Friction in an online business can be defined as the doubts, second thoughts, and hesitations which people have when they have to give money for a particular product.

For example – will it work? Can I trust the website? Is this a scam? and many more
You need to address all the doubts which your potential customer might get and convince them by providing them all the necessary information.

Reducing friction in the checkout process is also very important to increase your conversion rates.

In order to boost the credibility of your business and website, you can also use testimonials from your existing clients or customers.

Social signals are also very important to show your website’s credibility. It shows how many happy customers you have got by your side.

7. Engagement

increase online sales

Source – https://www.vergic.com

Engagement is considered as the most important factor which can make or break your Click Through Rate(CTR).

Even if you CTR is as high as 5% then also it means that 95% of people are not buying anything from your website.

Here you can engage with your audience so that they remain on your website which will not only decrease your bounce rate but also helps to increase online sales.

If you have an expensive product, then people are unlikely to buy on their first visit to your website.

In such a case, you can engage your visitor and try to collect their email addresses.

For example, the website ThinkTraffic is collecting the email before selling their products.

increase online sales

You can also use other alternatives to engage your visitors like:

  • Some test or quiz
  • Social Media follow
  • Contests, etc.

8. Urgency

Urgency is a powerful tool if you can use it well.

Most of us see something like this while booking a flight ticket.

increase online sales

When people see this kind of offers they think that they should act now or else they might miss the super deal offer.

This strategy mostly works because people love to get some kind of discount or offer while purchasing online.

There are three ways by which you can create urgency.

  • Limitations on quantity (Example – Only 3 tickets left at this price).
  • Time limitations (Example – Offer valid till March).
  • Contextual limitations (Example – Mother’s Day is next month, get a gift now for your lovely mother).

As long as the urgency is realistic it will always work for you.

9. Usability and Complicated Site Navigation

People prefer to leave the website if it is difficult to use. Nobody will care about how well your product or service is if they are unable to use your site seamlessly.

The best online website provides an amazing user experience where everything seems intuitive.

increase online sales

Similarly, and effective navigation is important for any website success.

Navigation directly affects the website user-friendliness and boosts overall traffic.

You should place your navigation and search bars on the top or on the left side of your homepage.

If your website contains multiple product categories, then make sure to have a proper menu for the categories:

  • Dropdowns – It appears when the cursor hovers over the category label.
  • Mega Menus – It is also a drop-down which contains text or images.
  • Flyout Menus – The horizontal version of the drop-down menu.

10. Limited Payment Options and Security

When your customer finally selects your product and reaches to the payment page, then make sure they get it over as fast as possible.

If you don’ want any bumps in a successful sale, then provide them with all the available payments options.

This will reduce your chances to your customer leaving your website without making any purchase.

increase online sales

If your customer is leaving without making any purchase, then this might be the result of less security.

Your customer will not trust your website if you don’t have the necessary security certificates and badges.

According to the survey of Statista, more than 17% of your customers would not like to purchase from your website if they have some concern about the security.

You should add SSL certificates and badges close to your transaction form so that your potential customer would see that and trust your website.

increase online sales


While trying to increase online sales, then focus on relevant traffic and loyalty in the long run.

You should also try to overcome every possible problem which might turn off your potential customer.

It is also very important to create a smooth and pleasurable experience for your online store or website visitors.

If you want to increase online sales, then start trying new methods which are competitors are not working on.

Try to get more creative ideas to engage your existing as well as new customers. Do not let your customer go to your competitors in the business.

Perform extensive research and test the idea before implementing on your website.

Focus more on the user experience rather than selling the product.

If your website has a good product and provides a seamless experience to the visitors, then no one can stop you to increase online sales of your business.

Which strategies you use to increase online sales of your business and if you have any query let us know.

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