Increase Website Traffic: An Advanced Guide To Boost Traffic in 2018

Increase Website Traffic: An Advanced Guide To Boost Traffic in 2019

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To make sales and profit you need to increase website traffic.
Yes, website traffic is the backbone of your business, sales and customers are ultimate product of your website traffic.

You are spending lots of money on different strategies and still, it’s not working enough to drive traffic,

That’s because your strategies are not perfect enough to create high-quality traffic for your website.
Or, you must be relying on a single method (most preferably #SEO) which is not good.

Although, SEO is the perfect method for you still you need to figure out different channels through which you can attract more and more targeted visitors.

increase website traffic

We all know more traffic means more sales and more sales means more Profit.

“According to the statistic report by Hubspot, 61% of marketers say, improving SEO and growing organic presence is their priority.”

Having low or almost no budget for Digital Marketing is also a big problem.
That is mostly faced by startups, small business owners, and e-commerce websites.

In this advance article, I am going to show you how to increase website traffic by implementing proven strategies.

Some strategies may be familiar to you, but the method will be entirely different which will help you to increase website traffic.

Avoiding the long list, I am going to focus only on few proven strategies:

  • Content: Improve intent of your content
  • Paid Advertisement: leverage the paid advertisement channels
  • Social Media: how to make max out of it
  • Guest Blogging
  • Q/A Websites

Let’s Begin,

Strategy #1 – Content: Improve intent of your content to increase website traffic

increase website traffic

Marketing is impossible without great content!
Hence, whatever tactics you use, content marketing should be part of it.

Quality content is part of SEO, Social Media Engagement and even for PPC, you need contents behind it.

Do you have a content strategy?

If yes, then does it works for you?


Ok! This may be because of the intent of the content.

Let’s have a look what intent is actually.

Intent means PURPOSE, your team is creating lots of contents for your business but it’s not working!

Have you ever thought why?

It’s because of the intent.

Instead of promoting your products, services, brands or company, your content should be solving problems for your users.

Writing for your audience (right audience) should be your strategy if you are using content on your website.

Knowing your target audience is the first step towards content marketing.

I won’t cover how to know your target audience [read Inc.’s excellent guide instead], but I will love to discuss few points which will help your team improve intent of the content.

Here are the points.

  • Headline: Create engaging headline which targets the pain point of users.
increase website traffic
  • Problem: Identify the problem of users in your industry to write
  • Solution: Write about the solutions (don’t directly disclose the solution for free)
  • Bonus: Give free bonus tips.
increase website traffic

Tips: you can use cheat sheets, list of free tools, eBooks etc. to capture emails.

Strategy #2 – Paid Advertisement: leverage the paid advertisement channels

Paid Advertisement 100% requires a budget, but it is one of the best ways to guide high-quality traffic to your website.

search engine ranking

Have you ever thought to advertise using Google Ad words, Bing Ads or using social media paid promotion on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?

increase website traffic

No! Well, it should be taken as a priority.

Online advertising platforms including paid social media ads are improving day by day to put you in front of highly targeted customers.

Paid ads will help you get thousands of clicks and visitors on your website.

Let’s See Why You Should Be Using Paid Advertisement?

• It keeps you in the result when users search

Yes! The first and best part of using paid channels is – it keeps you in front of your potential buyers.
Whenever a potential buyer of your product and services searches on Google, your ad shows up!

It’s very clear, people are not going to purchase anything from you at once by just clicking on your ad.
Although, there are many factors responsible in order to make transaction/conversion possible.
But what if they see you continuously?

It can influence the buyer to try the product/service. Isn’t it what you want?

  • Targeted Traffic at Right Time

The paid advertisement gives you the power to target right demographic and at right time!
Let’s take an example of Google PPC.

increase website traffic

In Google Ad words, you can specifically target the location where your customers are. It also gives you the power to schedule your ad delivery.

Same with Facebook paid advertisement.

increase website traffic

Facebook gives you the power to create your audience for your campaign.

Also, you see fast results. You can start the campaign today and start receiving traffic within few minutes (depending on a variety of factors, obviously).

  • Cost and Budget Control

Budget and cost are what you like to keep in control.

The paid advertisement gives you control on every part of your spending.

Yes, you can control your daily spending budget, how much you willing to pay for one click and it’s also flexible.

I found that it is also important that we do not ignore the competition, with a low budget, of course, we cannot see an incredible result in a day.

Tips: PPC/Paid Advertisement is not easy! It requires collaboration with an expert who can help you get most out of it

Strategy #3 – Social Media: how to make max out of it

Ability to target very specific audience made social media very popular among SMB.

According to report published on eMarketer – Small Businesses Crowd Facebook, Twitter for Marketing and G2 Crowd social media has emerged as most noteworthy popular marketing channels for small and medium business in the USA.

increase website traffic

Still, the big problem I see with many companies, startups and entrepreneurs are, they totally ignore social media.
Check this out:

When you log in to your Facebook account, what do you see on the right side?

increase website traffic

Social media will play a major role to increase website traffic while if used perfectly.

If you are not using or advertising on social media, then start doing it from today.

Ok! Some of you may be familiar with creating ads on social media and making money out of it, but many of you may not know how to do it.

Here are few tips which will help you:

  • Avoid advertising on all social channels at once.
  • Advertise only where your users, potential customers hang out
  • Hire Social Media Expert
  • Promote your contents on Social Media
  • Schedule and report contents

Strategy #4 – Guest Blogging

increase website traffic

Guest Blogging is another great method by which Internet Marketers either write posts for another blog or allow another influencer blogger within the same niche to write a blog post on your website.

The major perks of Guest Blogging:-

  • For getting high quality targeted traffic to your website.
  • High authority niche specific backlinks.
  • Positioning yourself as an authority in your niche.

Hence, now you know the benefits of Guest Blogging.

So the next question which would have arisen in your mind that how to find the appropriate website and how to approach them.

Here are some of the methods by which you can easily find blogs for guest post:-

1. By using Google Search String

The first and the simplest method for finding guest posts is by using our very own Google search console.

Use the following search queries to find appropriate results:-

increase website traffic

Source- Backlinko

And there are much more keyword phrases like this you can use.

2. Collaborate with the authoritative bloggers in your niche

Firstly, find who are the most influencer bloggers within your niche.

Make a list of them and then visit their about or contact us page of their blog.

increase website traffic

Most of them would definitely have an email id to contact.

If not then reach out to with using their social media profiles.

Then engage with them on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Write some legitimate helpful comments which would help them in improving their content.

increase website traffic

Source- Backlinko

Then, ask them if they would like to accept a high-quality guest post from you.

Most of them would easily allow writing a guest post which would be helpful to them and it would also get you quality traffic to your website.

Here is the list of websites which accepts Guest Post.

search engine ranking

Strategy #5 – Q/A Websites

Q/A websites are great for your website to get targeted and instant traffic to your website.

It is an effective method by which you can connect with your target audience, build your brand reputation and instant quality traffic.

Where to find the Best Q/A Website:-

Below is the list of best and evergreen Q/A Website which you can use for any particular niche:-

  • Quora
  • Stack Exchange
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Askville

Effective Strategy for Q/A Websites:-

  • Explore a large number of Q/A Websites and gather as much knowledge as possible.
  • Fill your User Profile properly and show enough information about yourself to gather the trust of the viewers.
increase website traffic
  • Solve the problems of your potential customers by answering the questions as sincerely as you can.
  • This is most important because it will give you more up votes and other credits which will help you in being an authority within your niche.
increase website traffic


  • Engage and build relationships with your blog audience and also answer the questions which are not related to your niche.

Hence, it will ensure that you are genuinely interested in solving people’s problems and will increase your credibility.

  • Understand the site’s guidelines for sharing a link and try to focus more on sharing knowledge and solving problems.

So the better you will connect with your market audience the more traffic and credibility you will get.

increase website traffic



Now you don’t have to depend only on just a few sources of traffic.

By following the strategies above you can easily increase website traffic.

Since the above strategies are widely used by the best industry experts and so you can also get the benefit if you properly follow them step by step.

Now you have all the required steps. Hence, now put on the hard work and increase website traffic and dominate your niche.

What are the other methods do you use to increase website traffic? Questions and new Ideas are always welcome? Let’s discuss below in the comment section.

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