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The first SEO advice you would get if you get a new business idea is to buy a domain name and start building your website.

But, how can you be sure that Google and other search engines would discover your website and rank it on the first page of the search results?

SEO is a long-term method and the results are not visible immediately.

However, it’s important to take the first steps right because it impacts your website’s potential to rank in the search engines.

Hence, from an SEO perspective, you would save yourself from hours of work further down the line fixing a website.

Here, we have listed the five SEO Advice which you should look into while you launch your website to attract as much as organic traffic from the organic search results.

  • 1. Structure of your website for your targeted keywords.
  • 2. Make Great & SEO-Friendly Content
  • 3. Optimize your title tags for the main keyword
  • 4. Set Up Google Analytics & Add Your Website to the Search Console
  • 5. Build High-Quality Links For Your Website

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1. Structure of your website for your targeted keywords. (SEO Advice)

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In order to rank efficiently for your targeted keywords, it’s important to have the right structure of your website. It is a very important factor which can make or break your site’s ability to rank in the search engines.

For example – Consider you have a website which sells men’s shoes. You have a different variety of shows including leather, boots and sports shoes. Hence, you would like that each category should rank for its own set of keywords. It will also help you to attract visitors looking a particular type of shoe.

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This means you need to break your website into different categories aimed for different keywords.

Structuring your websites has several benefits. Firstly, it creates a theme and target keywords for each page of the website instead of targeting multiple keywords on the same page.

It also allows you to further break down the categories into sub-categories. For example – if your website sold several leather shoes then you can target additional keywords with subpages.

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This type of structure allows you to target primary keywords along with many secondary keywords.

2. Make Great & SEO-Friendly Content (SEO Advice)

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Source – contentmart

In 2018, content is one of the most important on-page factors which will help you to rank in the various search engines including Google. Before starting any SEO efforts, it’s important to have content which actively engages the visitors.

In a study, it was found that pages which has more than 2000+ content rank higher in the search engines as compared to the pages with shorter content.

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Writing a detailed content might take time but your website will have a positive effect on the search engines.

Various data also shows that long content generally gets more links as compared to the short pages. Long contents itself generate a huge amount of inbound links. Thus it will help your website ability to rank in the search engines.

You need to think your content as the solution to someone’s need. If you can solve someone’s problem by writing on your website, then it will automatically attract visitors and a large number of targeted links.

3. Optimize your title tags for the main keyword (SEO Advice)

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Your title tag is the text that Google and other search engines display as your page title for every search results displayed. It’s very important to optimize your title tags that are optimized for your target SEO keywords.

A good title tag will accurately describe the content of your page and it should also contain the primarily focused keyword you’re targeting for SEO.

Example – A “men’s leather shoe” page should have a title tag like this:

“Men’s Leather Shoe – Browse Shoes & Buy Online”

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This type of title accurately describes the content of the page and it tells the user what they will get after they click through from the Google’s search results.

It also contains the target keyword “men’s leather shoe” at the beginning of the title.

The title should attract the user’s attention and it shows that the page is relevant according to their searched keyword.

Your title tag should not be more than 60 words or else Google will not show your full title tag in the search results. Hence, try to keep your title brief and simple. It’s also best to keep the targeted keyword at the beginning of the title tag for optimal SEO.

4. Set Up Google Analytics & Add Your Website to the Search Console (SEO Advice)

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Once you have built your website, written content and given each page u unique title tag and meta description, then it’s the time to install Google Analytics on Your Website. Analytics helps you to monitor how people track your website and also how they found out your website.

From the perspective of SEO, it’s a great tool to spot opportunities and further optimize your website for specific targeted keywords.

Installing analytics is simple. You need to just sign up using your Google account. After configuring your website you need to paste a unique tracking code to your website.

Once you set up your Google Analytics, then it’s time to add your website to the Google’s search console.

Search Console is a platform which provides you data on how your website performs in the organic search results. It includes the keywords your website is ranking and the impressions and click through rate which it gets.

5. Build High-Quality Links For Your Website (SEO Advice)

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After building your website and taking care of the on-page of the site your next move should be to build high-quality links.

A great way to build links is to reach out to your friends and other influencers and ask them to promote your website and give a link.

Contact the website owners which have contents relevant to your site. Ask them if they are interested in getting a guest post. Most of them would love to get a free post and hence simultaneously you also get a backlink in return.

If you are struggling to get the attention the readers and bloggers then there are a variety of email templates available which will help in your link building outreach campaign.

Link building is a slow, gradual process, but if done right it will provide you the maximum benefits.

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SEO is a very long process and it’s not just enough to build a website and wait for the leads and sales to roll in.

If you want to rank for the highly competitive keywords, then you need to have a proper long-term SEO strategy with clearly defined goals and objectives.

The strategy could involve content marketing or can be to reach out the influencers to build links manually.

Hence, there is no perfect way to do SEO. All the websites are different from each other and hence your SEO strategy also needs to be unique and different from your competitors.

If you want to rank your new website or get a personalized long-term SEO strategy then you can contact us.

We are in the SEO business for past 5 years now and have been working with many e-commerce giants as well as young start-ups.

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