10 White Hat Link Building Methods To Rank Your Website Today

10 White Hat Link Building Methods To Boost Your Business Online

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If you do SEO for a website then you would know that you have to wear various different types of hats.

SEO techniques constitute a white hat link building, grey hat, and black hat method.

You must know the difference between all these methods to understand if your SEO technique is under Google’s radar- and not in a good way.

It’s very difficult to understand Google’s algorithm as it favors some SEO methods while penalizing the others.

White hat link building techniques are loved by Google and it involves the methods by which you can rank your site.

Grey and Black hat techniques are frowned upon by Google as well by the other search engines.

What Is White Hat Link Building?

white hat link building

White Hat Link Building involves the search engine optimization techniques which have positive methods for growing traffic and improving ranking on the search engine results page.

White Hat link building follows the rules and guidelines which are set by the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc and focuses more on the human audience rather than search engines.

The Difference Between Black, Grey & White Hat Link Building Techniqueswhite hat link building

White Hat Link Building Techniques includes keyword analysis and research, rewriting meta tags, backlinking, writing content for the human audience.

Grey Hat SEO Techniques consists of three-way link exchange, purchasing expired domains, duplicate content, buying links, purchasing social media followers.

Black Hat SEO Techniques includes keyword stuffing, hidden text, link farms, blog spamming, cloaking and also doorway pages.

How To Check If Your SEO Service Provider Is Doing Black Hat SEO:

If you want to know that if your SEO provider is performing Black Hat methods to rank your website, then know about the points mentioned below:

List of unethical and Black Hat methods which can damage your site and business:

  1. Hidden Content
  2. Keyword Stuffing
  3. Doorway Pages
  4. Link Farming
  5. Using Duplicate or Plagiarized Content
  6. Buying links for your site
  7. Over optimization

1. Hidden Content

white hat link building

This is one of the topmost black hat methods which various SEO providers use to illegally rank your website on the search engines.

It comes in various guises but the simple rule is that within the code of the website there is content which is stuffed with the keywords which the website want to rank for.

You can do this using comment tags. A simple comment tag looks like this – <!– Comment Tag –>

search engine ranking

Here is an example of using a comment tag for black hat SEO:

<!—Search engine optimization, SEO, professional search engine optimization company, spamming search engines –->

The real use of comment tags is to insert text within the code to explain what the piece of code does.

So, you check on the various comment tags on your website to check if your SEO provider is using a proper link building method.

Another method to hide content is by using a [no script] tag as a Black Hat SEO technique to rank a particular keyword example – cab hire. Use affordable cab hire service by dialing the mobile using cab hire app. We provide cab hire service and we are the best cab hire company in the country.

2. Keyword Stuffing

white hat link building

There are two meta tags which inform the search engine about the content of a particular page. Both are present in the tag of a webpage.

If your SEO provider uses them incorrectly, then they alert the various search engines that the website is using spam techniques to improve its ranking.

Meta Description

A meta description function is to describe the content, in short, using only two or three sentences.

If used for wrong purposes they can seriously affect your overall website ranking on the search engines.

Here’s an example of using meta description tag incorrectly for a page of a hypothetical named restaurant Yours:

<meta name=”description” content=” Your restaurant website is the best yours up restaurant website, our restaurant is better than any restaurant, great restaurants, best food restaurant, visit our restaurant” />

Meta Keywords

Meta Keywords are a list of short sentences which focus on the main content of the webpage.

Most of the SEO provider’s uses them incorrectly to improve the ranking of a particular page.

Here’s an example of Meta keywords used incorrectly for promoting a restaurant:

3. Doorway Pages

white hat link building

Doorway also known as Gateway pages are made solely for the search engines and for the audience.
These pages are filled with the keywords which the website owner want to rank for and also directly linked to the landing page.
Whenever the users click on a doorway page, they are redirected to the target page.

Doorway pages are highly used by the SEO providers which pursue an illegal method of ranking in the search engines.

Nowadays, search engine spider has become so smart that they detect these types of pages and can flag your site or also ban altogether.

4. Link Farming

white hat link building

Link Farming is a method in which the so-called SEO experts use link farms to list link on unrelated websites.

These types of website do not provide traffic but at the same time if your website is found participating in link farming then it might affect the overall ranking of the site.

5. Using Duplicate Or Plagiarized Content

If your website contains duplicate content from another site then Google and other search engines would hate your site.

search engine ranking

Google search engine algorithms are updated each time to index only original content.
Search engines only want an original article in their database.

Therefore, if they find that a particular website is using copied content from other sites then they would flag your website and you can lose all your search engine rankings.

6. Buying Links For Your Site

Links are one of the most important factors which determine your site ranking.

You can find ads all over the internet where people buy links from each other.

Google’s latest Penguin update works to check if a particular website is buying links in exchange for money.

If found not only your site would get penalized but also the site which sells the link would also be banned.

So, you should regularly keep a check on the types of links which your site gets.

Most of the SEO providers are not highly skilled and don’t know how to get quality backlinks.

Therefore, they buy links from other sites which is not good for your site.

7. Over Optimization

SEO done in the simplest and natural way is the most effective method to rank in the search engines.

Neither less optimization nor over optimization is good for your website.

Google and the other search engines penalize the sites which do over optimization ranking.

Check if your SEO provider is using more visual contents, more keywords, and inserting too much internal and external links.

If they are over optimizing your content then you should warn them to use only the simplest and the legal methods.

Types Of Google Penalties Which Are Imposed If Your Website Is Found Using Illegal Methods To Rank Other Than White Hat Link Building:

Google, as well as the other search engines, want the best website to rank on the first page naturally, based on the content quality as well the users linking to the page.

They strongly resist if someone tries to cheat their algorithm.

If it is found that a particular website is trying to get popular using some black hat methods, then they have a list of penalties which can be imposed on the website.

Let’s see the three major types of Google’s penalties which can damage your site:

1. Bans

Banning a site on Google is almost like giving the website its death penalty.

They are given to the websites which use unethical behavior or abuse the system.

It’s very rare that Google bans a website, but if it has banned a website then the website must be neglecting the warnings sent by Google.

Google is very strict about using violent, racist and also the other socially unaccepted content.

The website using such content might be permanently banned.

2. Rank Demotion

Rank demotion is the most standard Google penalty. If your website is ranking on the top page it can suddenly be pushed to the lower ranking.

There can be many causes but the most common one is using black hat methods to rank.

If you have some low-quality links on your page then Google notices it and pushes your website to the lower rankings.

This can be taken care if you remove those links and get backlinks from some high authority websites which are related to your niche.

3. Temporary Rank Change

Google along with automated rank changes has an entire team which de-ranks webpages manually if they believe the website is cheating on their algorithm.

In this, Google might sometimes notify you if they find something wrong on your website and would suggest to change it immediately.

If you follow their suggestions and correct your website accordingly then you might able to get your original rank back again.

Check If Your SEO Service Provider Is Performing These White Hat Link Building Techniques:

  1. Are they using a blog for promoting content
  2. Using Guest Posting to get traffic
  3. Using Visual Content for high engagement
  4. Creating a Linkable Asset
  5. Social Media Shares
  6. Building Relationships Online
  7. Mobile Optimization
  8. Testimonials
  9. Blog Commenting on Authority Blogs
  10. Business listings and Social Bookmarking

1. Using Blog For Content Promotion

This is one of the simplest white hat link building method to start with.

Using a blog for a website is helpful in building internal links as well as backlinks which will help your website in ranking in the search engines.

The keywords present on the blog helps Google and other search engines learn what your website content is about.

search engine ranking

You should make your blog social by promoting your content.

Try to use more visuals as it will make your blog interesting.

Make sure to install the social sharing buttons so that your audience can share your content which will help your website to gain backlinks and ranking in the search engines.

2. Guest Posting

Source – Pixxelznet.com

Guest Posting is another very good white hat link building method.

It is the process in which you write a blog post for other websites and blogs.

In order to do so, you have to reach out to the authority websites in your industry for guest post placement.

It will not only help in getting high-quality backlinks but also helps your website to gain authority.

There are many websites which allow Guest Post.

Create a list of them and reach out to the website owners and convince them to write a post on their website.

Now, write awesome content which they would love to have on their website.

Make sure that you are not promoting your company or yourself while writing the post.

You can provide the information about yourself and your company in the about section.

Hence, once they publish your content make sure to share it with on the other networks.

3. Using Visual Content

Creating useful information in the form of visual is one of the most creative and helpful methods to gain backlinks and authority in a specific industry.

Some of the visual contents such as infographics, Slideshare presentation, images with quotes and videos attract an audience and are most likely to get shared on the various social networks.

When other bloggers and website owners reference your visual content on their blog you not only get important backlinks for your site but it also increases your authority in that niche.

This would help you in getting more leads and sales for your business or services.

4. Creating A Linkable Asset

Linkable Assets are the content which provides information and help to answer a question which makes people share them.

Case studies, list posts, and infographic are some of the linkable assets which people love to share on social networks or even on their websites.

This helps in getting a quality link and also follows the rule of authentic white hat link building for your website.

You can also go for long-form contents because various studies have proven that it gets more social shares and backlinks than shorter content.

5. Social Media Shares

Social Media is one of the best places through which people discover your new content.

It helps in getting your content in more hands which creates more quality backlinks to your site.

Try to engage your audience and visitors on various social media to encourage more views and shares.

Social media signals are also an important factor in ranking on the various search engines.

Google and the other search engines consider more important to a post which gets more engagement on social media than a blog post which has no shares.

Therefore, try to make social share buttons more accessible on each of your blog post.

6. Build Relationships Online

Building Online Relationships is also an important factor in establishing yourself as an expert in a particular industry.

It also helps in getting more shares and backlinks to your site. You can start building online relationships by sharing and engaging with their contents.

You can also join online forums, Facebook groups, and the other various online communities within your niche.

Try to remain active and answer the questions asked on the forums or groups. Hence, slowly and steadily you would be able to establish a name for yourself in the online community.

This will help you in getting more visitors, getting more backlinks and will also increase your website authority

7. Mobile Optimization

Source – emailonacid.com

In today’s internet world, more than 60% of internet searches are from mobile devices.

Therefore it has become compulsory to optimize your site for mobile users.

Google has made clear that site that is aren’t mobile friendly “may not rank as high” as those that are more mobile friendly.

search engine ranking

You should not only make your homepage mobile friendly but all the pages of your website should be mobile friendly.

Also, keep this in mind when you are writing a guest post or submitting an infographic on the other blogs.

Check your website mobile friendliness using Google ’s    mobile-friendly test.

8. Testimonials

Most of the companies showcase testimonials from their users to give a review about a product or services on their website.

If you can get testimonials from the experts of the industry then it helps in increasing the authority of the website and the company.

If you have used a product or service related to your niche then you can ask the particular company if they would like a testimonial from you.

Clearly ask the company if you can place the name and link to your website to get a high-quality backlink.

9. Blog Commenting On Authority Blogs

Blog commenting is a simple but very effective method to build online relationships and getting high-quality backlinks to your website.

First, find good high-quality blogs where you want to comment.

Then, leave meaningful comments on some of the top blog posts on their site which allow “do-follow” in the comments which allows the link to count to the search engines.

10. Business Listings And Social Bookmarking

Listing your business on various local directories is a good way of getting backlinks for small business.

There are various local directories are available for business listing like Google my business, Facebook, Yellow Pages, etc.

Social Bookmarking is an online service where you can store your bookmarks for future reference.

Search engines consider bookmarking sites to be of high quality. Hence, it is the easiest way to get good backlinks to your website.

Check the domain authority (DA), page authority (PA) of the site using various online tools.

The higher the ranking the more high-quality backlink you would get for ranking on the search engines.


White Hat Link building is one of the best methods which will help you in ranking your website on search engines.

You and your SEO provider should focus on White Hat link building techniques and try to avoid the Grey and Black Hat methods.

Plan a good outreach strategy as it is an important component in link building.

Don’t invest your money in buying links from various spam directories or in pursuing black hat link building methods.

Your website will surely be penalized by Google if you follow the unethical methods of link building.

Create useful and great content for your visitors and audience.

Build good online relationships and focus on high-quality white hat backlinks from relevant high authority sources.

This will help you in increasing your website traffic and grow your business online.

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